Autism is a Spectrum, so quit expecting me to survive a full time job!

This Topic may seem controversial; however, this is going to be from my personal perspective only Autism is a spectrum. While most people prefer to believe that it is a linear line of “high functioning” to “low functioning” that is simply not the case! Autism is more of a color wheel of symptoms as shownContinue reading “Autism is a Spectrum, so quit expecting me to survive a full time job!”

The bitter taste of change

05/04/2022 Wednesday Today I had what was supposed to be my 3rd physical therapy appointment. I ended up having to cancel my 2nd appointment due to the amount of pain that I was in, therefore todays appointment was #2. At my appointment, she asked how I was doing with the small changes I had madeContinue reading “The bitter taste of change”

Aquarium VS Endo.

04/30/2022 Saturday…. Traveling 2 & 1/2hrs to New Jersey to go to the aquarium while on your period, which s when your endometriosis is at its peak pain, is not the brightest idea…. I typically spend my weekends at my boyfriend’s house, and we have been planning to go to the aquarium for a whileContinue reading “Aquarium VS Endo.”

Masking Autism Pt 2: Personal Experience

A little background: I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was 6 years old. Where I grew up there was not a field for Autism or Mental Health when I was diagnosed. There was no solid early intervention and what I had experienced as “early intervention” had been more traumatizing then anything. It wasn’t untilContinue reading “Masking Autism Pt 2: Personal Experience”


03/03/2022 Thursday I was invited by my therapist to participate in a Doc-Talk. I had absolutely no idea what this was. I knew from previous sessions with my therapist that she wanted me to come in and speak to the psychology department about Autism. She wanted me to do this because she believes that itContinue reading “Doc-Talk”

Masking Autism Part 1:

Nobody in my life knew that I was Autistic, save a few people that I could count on one hand. Everyone that I interacted with thought that I was just an average woman like everyone else. That is until recently. Recently, I have been opening up sooner to people that I have Autism. Within theContinue reading “Masking Autism Part 1:”

Gender Biased & Stereotyped

Autism history has had many outlooks, from it’s initial foundation of being categorized as a schizophrenic disorder to it’s role in one of history’s most violent times. Aspects of phycology, science, and social expectations have played there role in what we now know about Autism. These include Hans Asperger’s and his addition of Asperger’s syndromeContinue reading “Gender Biased & Stereotyped”

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder, more commonly know as Autism. Is a Neurological condition that effects the brain and the way that one views and processes the world around them. What Autism is: Autism is a neurological condition that you are born with. It is founded in the brain, and effects the way that you view andContinue reading “What is Autism?”